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Trolling MPAA, o Pagamento Digital

29 de Março de 2012 Deixe um comentário Go to comments

Vou citar um email que um cidadão, alegadamente da Finlândia, enviou à MPAA. A origem foi um print que anda pela web e que exponho aqui (clicar na imagem).

Mas a brincar e ironizar bastante ficamos a pensar no corpo do mesmo email. Vou deixar aqui o texto:


At first I would like to point out that I am an avid movie-goer, me and my friends go see every major movie title that our small town’s theater gets. Also, we don’t have a physical movie rental store any more, and services such as Netflix are not available in our country, so it’s next to impossible to rent movies in good quality where I live. If I were you, I would concentrate on lifting those country availability limitations, so that people outside of the US could actually pay for the work your movie and TV series makers do.

Along the years I (may) have downloaded hundreds of movies and thousands of episodes of TV series.
As these digital files are not physical products, and are in fact just a bunch of 1s and 0s, I’d like to send you a small pay for all damages I (may) have caused, of course in the same kind of immaterial media as all my downloads (may) have been.

So, enjoy your digital copy of 10 euros. Please note that it is an original scan of a real 10 euro bill that I personally own. I don’t feel bad for sending this digital copy to you, since it is just a copy, not the actual bill I have in my wallet. Now you can enjoy the magnificient details of the bill, and I haven’t actually list anything, even though I own the original bill. You are just getting a digital resemblance of it. I guess you already understand what I’m trying to say here 🙂

Aleksi …., Finland

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